Processed cheese


Lactalis Group expertise as one of the most important cheese producers worldwide enables.

Lactalis Ingredients to offer a large scale of dairy solutions suitable for many different processes: from low temperature process and pasteurised conditions to UHT process.


Key benefits

 Yield development
 Recipe costs optimisation
 Flavour enhancement
 Texture improvement

We offer different ingredients answering these particular needs:

  • Rennet casein with a high protein and calcium content to develop firmness and shredding properties while preserving a maximum of elasticity
  • Acid casein to enhance spreadability and melting with its excellent water binding characteristics
  • Skimmed milk powder to help preservation of a constant texture while bringing a balanced milky taste
  • Butter to develop both taste and creaminess with a soft texture
  • Cheese (Cheddar, Mozzarella, Emmental) to enhance cheese flavour

Analogue cheese


In response to the growing demand for pizza, analogue cheese tends to replace traditional cheese while preserving the same properties. Lactalis ingredients is offering dairy solutions to fully or partially substitute milk in all kinds of manufacturing processes (Stephan, Bivis or Vogele type).



Key benefits

Maximum stretch
 Homogeneous melt
 Limited browning

Here are some of our solutions:

  • Rennet casein to help stretch improvement
  • Caseinates to grant an homogeneous texture during melting
  • Sweet whey powders and whey permeate to obtain nice colouring and cost reduction

Premium casein for longer stretch

Especially suitable for pizza or prepared dishes

Meticulous milk selection and a particular process preserve the functionalities of the protein:

  • Good water binding properties
  • Stable behaviour
  • Neutral milky taste
  • Controlled spreading and fat release

Key benefits

Optimised stretch*
Limited browning
Smooth texture
Milky taste

*Tests prove the excellent ability to develop stretch up to 80 cm even after 60 days! In comparison, standard  casein preserves its stretching properties up to 21 days only.


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